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Our firm started with a Virtual Law Firm practice and now we have two offices, one in Carle Place, New York and the other in Midtown Manhattan to best serve our clients. We consider our firm as a Modern Law Firm providing quality and convenience to our clients with the help of technology. Our creative approach in getting things done in an efficient manner sets us apart from other traditional law firms. We understand the needs of our clients and we cater to their availability.

Gone are the days where you need to drive an hour away to ask your attorney for advice. With the current advancement in technology, modern law firms embracing virtual practices make it possible to provide convenient and ultimately, better legal services to clients. We believe that failure to embrace these technological advancements and changes will set any law firm behind and can jeopardize their clients cases.

Although we are very happy to meet our clients in person at our Carle Place Office, we understand client’s reservations in in-person meetings and conflicts in their schedule. Hence, we embrace being able to meet virtually. We schedule phone calls, Zoom Calls/Meetings, Google Meet and other forms of communication to best serve our clients. This approach saves our clients time by avoiding the hassles of traveling. In-person appearance is of course necessary in some instances such as appearances in court and in-person depositions.

  • Quicker and More Efficient Results
  • Up-to-date Technology and Law Updates
  • In-Person Litigation

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